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Our chapter welcomes anyone who loves Ancient Egypt, or is interested in learning more about it, to come join us at the lecture series we sponsor. About once a month, all year long, we bring big-name Egyptologists?the same people you see on the Discovery and National Geographic TV channels?to Orange County. We average 100 to 300 people in attendance, new people come all the time, and you are welcome to check us out.

The lectures are normally free, on Saturday afternoons, and cover a wide range of topics. They last about an hour, and you'll have a chance to ask questions afterwards and meet the Egyptologist. There is also an opportunity to win a beautiful book about Ancient Egypt and meet other people who share this interest.

Dues paid by our 130 or so members make the lecture series possible, as well as assist in protecting priceless antiquities sites in Egypt. People of all ages, teachers, students and professors have a great time with us every month.

The lectures mostly take place at the beautiful Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, just a couple of blocks off the 5 freeway; normally, parking is free.

Several times a year, we sponsor special events: classes on hieroglyphs and other topics, a tour of a special museum exhibit, or an all-day seminar on a special topic.  There is a fee to attend, but members pay a discounted rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make a reservation to attend a regular monthly lecture? 
No, just come.  Pre-booking is required only for special events with an entrance fee due to space limitations.

Are children admitted? 
Well-behaved children who do not interrupt the lecturer are always welcome.  Elementary school students in the grade year where Ancient Egypt is studied often find the lectures very useful and fun.

If you attend with an infant, we request that you sit in the rear of the auditorium so that you may unobtrusively take the child out of the room if they become fussy or start to cry.  Many people attending the lecture have driven long distances to hear the speaker, who may have come from outside the United States.  Everyone has the right to hear the speaker.

May I videotape the presentation?
No.  The entire presentation is the property of the lecturer.

May I take photographs?
Nonflash photography is permitted after the presentation.  We request you turn off the sound effects on your camera so as to not disturb those seated around you.  Flash photography of persons on a raised stage create a hazard and is not permitted.

Does attendance at the lecture allow me to visit the Bowers Museums exhibits?
You would be required to pay the regular admission fee for access to the Bowers galleries.  We encourage you to take advantage of being on site already to do this.



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