Unless otherwise noted, all events are held at
1:30 p.m. at Bowers Museum, Norma Kershaw Auditorium, Santa Ana, California (map).
Parking is $6.00 in the Museum lot.

Please check this page frequently, as our schedule is subject to change.

2016 Speaker Schedule
February 13

Dr. Gene Cruz Uribe, Indiana University East

“Ancient Egyptian Graffiti”

Sponsored by Eva and Donat Kirsch

More information

March 12

UCLA Students

4-5 Lectures

April 9

Dr. John Gaudet, Ecologist

“Papyrus, the Plant that Changed the World”

Sponsored by Lauralee Barton and Bette Quinn

April 24

M. Linda Sutherland, MD, Diagnostic Radiologist

“CT Scans of Ancient Egyptian Animal Mummies”

In partnership with the Bowers Museum

May 14

Dr. Brenda Baker, Arizona State University

Topic: TBD

June 11

Featuring Dr. Kara Cooney (UCLA), Dr. Bob Brier (Long Island University), Dr. Nielsson Stutz (Emory University)

Study Day: “The Magic of Death”

In partnership with the Bowers Museum

June 26

Dr. Bob Brier (Long Island University)

Mummification: Resurrection of a Lost Art”

A Bowers Museum Event

July 9

Dr. Kate Liszka, California State University, San Bernardino

"From Pastoral Nomads to Policemen: Ethnicity and Identity of the Medjay in Ancient Egypt"

August 13

Dr. James Hoffmeier, Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"Akhenaten and monotheism (TBC)"

Sponsored by Steve and Karen Shultz

September 10

Dr. Diana Craig-Patch, MET Museum, NYC

"On ancient Egyptian lapis lazuli jewelry…"

October 15

Dr. David Anderson University of Wisconsin La Crosse (In celebration of the International Archeology Day)

November 12

Dr. Renee Friedman

Topic: TBD

December 10

Dr. Melinda Hartwig, The Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University

Topic: TBD

Sponsored by Debra Moore




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