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April 14, 2018: Dr. Aidan Dodson, University of Bristol, UK, "The Mysteries of Nefertiti" Sponsored by Manouchehr Seyfzadeh.

March 10, 2018: Caroline Sauvage, Assistant Professor of Classics and Archaeology in the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, Loyola Marymount University, "Prestige from Overseas Maritime trade and Seafaring Ventures in the Late Bronze Age Mediterranean" Sponsored by Anonymous.

February 10, 2018: Dr. Kei Yamamoto, University of Arizona, "High Officials under the Reign of Senwosret III" Sponsored by Kate Liszka and Bryan Kraemer.

January 13, 2018: UCLA Doctoral Students: Danielle Candelora, Jordan Galczynski, Marissa Stevens, Michael Chen, Robyn Price, and Rose Campbell, "On the Edges of Daily Life in Ancient Egypt" Sponsored by Joan K. Lutz.


December 9, 2017: Dr. Salima Ikram, American University in Cairo, "Food Fit for Pharaohs: Food and Drink in Ancient Egypt" Sponsored by Norma Kershaw and Manouchehr Seyfzadeh.

November 4, 2017: Dr. Peter Dorman, American University of Beirut, "On the early development of the Book of the Dead" Sponsored by Eva and Donat Kirsch

October 14, 2017: Dr. Josef Wegner, University of Pennsylvania, "The Pharaohs of Anubis-Mountain: Recent Investigations in a Royal Necropolis at Abydos." Sponsored by Clinton and Carol Owen

September 9, 2017: Jessica Tomkins, Ph.D. Candidate, Brown University, "Expressions of Power in the Old Kingdom Provinces." Sponsored by Pam McRoberts and Eva Kirsch

August 12, 2017: W. Benson Harer, Jr., MD, "The Lotus in Ancient Egypt". Sponsored by Allan Gluck

July 8, 2017: Dr. Brett McClain, University of Chicago Oriental Institute, "The Mysterious Tomb of Nefersekheru". Sponsored by Steve and Karen Shultz

June 10, 2017: Dr. Olaf E. Kaper, Layden University, Netherlands (2017 Getty Scholar), "What really happened to the Lost Army of Cambyses? An answer from the recent excavations at Amheida, Dakhla Oasis."

May 13, 2017: Dr. Laurel Bestock, Brown University,Violence and Power: the Role of Images in Early Egyptian Ideology. Sponsored by Kate Liszka and Bryan Kraemer

April 8, 2017: Dr. Victoria Irene Jensen, UC Berkeley,The Royal Residence that Defeated the Hyksos: Deir el-Ballas. Sponsored by Laraine Turk.

March 11, 2017: Dr. Nadine Moeller, University of Chicago, Oriental Institute,The Ahmose Tempest Stela – An Ancient Account of a Natural Catastrophe?  Sponsored by Suzanne Horvath, Karla Steiner, Kathleen Venne and Donna Breker In honor of Russ Block.

February 11, 2017: Dr. Ellen Morris, Barnard College, "Merneptah and the Temple of Ba’al – Ugarit", Sponsored by Lauralee Barton.

January 14, 2017: Presentations by UCLA Students: Carrie Arbuckle, Danielle Candelora, Idi Okilo, Luke Brenig, Nadia Ben-Marzouk and Vera Rondano, "Wepwaut : Ancient Technology: the People Who Made the Artifacts"


December 2016: Dr. Melinda Hartwig, The Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University, "Every Tomb Tells a Story" Sponsored by Debra Moore. 

November 2016: Dr. Renee Friedman, "Exploring the city of the Falcon: Egypt's first capital at Hierakonpolis." Sponsored by Clinton and Carol Owen.

October 2016: From Egypt before the Pharaohs to the Future of Archaeology (Part 2)
– Special Program in Celebration of the International Archaeology Day.

Kara Cooney, PhD, Associate Professor of Ancient Egyptian Art & Architecture, Chair of the Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures, University of California Los Angeles
Egypt before the Pharaohs:
Predynastic Palettes in their Archaeological and Historical Context

Hans Barnard, MD PhD, Assistant Researcher, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology; Assist. Adjunct Professor, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, University of California, Los Angeles
Egypt and Beyond:
Archaeology of the Eastern Desert

Kate Pointer, Guest Speaker
The Future of Archaeology:
New Techniques of Archaeological Technology

Co-sponsored by Archaeological Institute of America, Orange County Society

September 2016: Dr. Diana Craig-Patch, MET Museum, NYC, Lapis Lazuli: Ancient Egypt’s “Splendid and Costly Stone”. Sponsored by Joel and Pamela Paulson.

August 2016: Dr. James Hoffmeier, Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, "Akhenaten and monotheism (TBC)". Sponsored by Steve and Karen Shultz.

July 2016: Dr. Kate Liszka, California State University, San Bernardino, “From Pastoral Nomads to Policemen: Ethnicity and Identity of the Medjay in Ancient Egypt". Sponsored by Dr. Kara Cooney.

June 2016: Dr. Kara Cooney (UCLA), Dr. Liv Nilsson Stutz (Emory University), “The Magic of Death". In partnership with the Bowers Museum.

May 2016: Dr. Brenda Baker, Arizona State University, “Sudanese Antiquity: New Insights from the ‘Bio-archaeology of Nubia Expedition (BONE)’". Sponsored by Anonymous.

April 2016: Dr. John Gaudet, Ecologist, "Papyrus, the Plant that Changed the World". Sponsored by Lauralee Barton and Bette Quinn.

March 2016: UCLA Students. Caroline Joan Arbuckle - "Rishi Coffins and Artistic Values in the Second Intermediate Period”. Rose Campbell - "Smiting and Sacrificing: The Role of Culturally Sanctioned Violence in Ancient Egypt.". Danielle Candelora - "The Transmission of Technology in the Second Intermediate Period: The Problem of Presence.". Michael S. Chen - "Doorways in the Valley of the Kings". Emily Cole - “Interpreting the Past: Egyptian Practices of Translation”. Marissa A. Stevens -  "Connecting Coffins and Papyri: An Analysis of Social Identity through 21st Dynasty Funerary Iconography"

February 2016: Dr. Gene Cruz Uribe, Indiana University East, "Ancient Egyptian Graffiti". Sponsored by Eva and Donat Kirsch.

January 2016: Dr. Peter Brand, Dunavant Professor of Ancient History Department of History, University of Memphis, "21st Century Digital Technologies meet Pharaonic Information Systems: Using 3D Modeling and Digital Imaging to Record Ancient Inscriptions in the Great Hypostyle Hall of Karnak Temple". Sponsored by Anonymous.


January 2015: Dr. Kara Cooney, UCLA, "Hatshepsut: The Woman Who Would be King" + Book Signing. Sponsored by Anonymous.

February 2015: Dr. Nicholas Reeves, Residential Scholar in the School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona, "The Gold Throne of King Tutankhamun". Sponsored by Lauralee Barton & Bette Quinn

March 2015: Dr. Nigel Strudwick, The University of Memphis"Who Were the Tomb Robbers of Thebes?".

April 2015: Dr. Bethany Simpson, University of California, Los Angeles, "Neighborhood negotiations:  identifying spatial conflict and resolution strategies in Roman Egypt".

May 2015: Dr. Gregory Marouard, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, "Wadi el-Jarf, the Harbor of King Khufu on the Red Sea Coast".

June 2015: Deir el-Medina Study Day with Dr. Cédric Gobeil, Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale, Director of the French Archaeological Mission of Deir el-Medina. Sponsored by Anonymous.

July 2015: Dr. J. Brett McClain, The Epigraphic Survey, University of Chicago, "Chicago House, Luxor - News from the Field". Sponsored by Norma Kershaw.

August 2015: Dr. Betsy Bryan, The Johns Hopkins University, "Death in the Mut Precinct: Burial and Execution in the Second Intermediate Period". Sponsored by Clinton & Carol Owen.

September 2015: Dr. Rita Lucarelli, University of California, Berkeley, "Demonology in Ancient Egypt". Sponsored by Steve & Karen Shultz.

October 2015: Bryan Kraemer, University of Chicago, "It was for this amethyst that I came here?: Recent archaeological and epigraphic discoveries of the Wadi el-Hudi Expedition (WeHe)"

November 2015: Dr. Stephen Harvey, Stony Brook University, "Before Hatshepsut: Three Generations of Royal Women at the Birth of the New Kingdom". Sponsored by Dr. June Scopinich and Nan Haugen.

December 2015: Kathryn Hansen, Author and Scientist, ""The New Kingdom Chariot". Sponsored by Debra Moore.


January 2014: Professor Willeke Wendrich, UCLA Egyptology graduate students, "Wepwawet in Westwood Comes to Orange County!"

February 2014: Dr. Nadine Moeller, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, "The 3rd millennium BC at Tell Edfu: New discoveries of the 2012 season"

March 2014: Dr. Aidan Dodson, University of Bristol, "The Ramesside Period in Egypt"

March 2014: Dr. Edward Bleiberg, The Brooklyn Museum, "Soulful Creatures: Animal Mummies in Ancient Egypt"

April 2014: Salah El Masekh, Inspector, Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities, "The Roman Baths in Front of Karnak Temple"

May 2014: Dr. Aaron Burke, UCLA, "Recent Excavations of the New Kingdom Egyptian Fortress in Jaffa"

June 2014: Dr. Yekaterina "Katya" Barbash, Brooklyn Museum, "Animals in Pharaonic Egypt"

July 2014: Dr. Elizabeth Bolman, Temple University, "Restoring Early Christian Church Art"

August 2014: Anne Austin, UCLA, "Contending with illness in ancient Egypt: A textual and osteological study of health care at Deir el-Medina"

September 2014: Dr. Andrew Bednarski, ARCE, "Gods, Tombs, and Temples: The American Research Center's Work, 2011-2014"

October 2014: ARCE Members-only Tour of Getty Conservation Labs

October 2014: Dr. Heather McCarthy, NYU, "The Many Wives of Ramses II"

November 2014: Dr. Lorelei Corcoran, University of Memphis, "Why Gild the Lily? The Use of Color in Ancient Egypt"

December 2014: Dr. Janice Kamrin, Metropolitan Museum of Art, "The Registrars at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo: Past, Present, and Future"


January 2013: Dr. Kara Cooney, Assistant Professor, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Culture, "Musical Coffins?: The Reuse of Elite Coffins in the 21st Dynasty Theban Necropolis"

February 2013: Dr. Nigel Strudwick, Visiting Professor, Department of History, University of Memphis, Tennessee. Formerly assistant keeper of the Egyptian Department, British Museum, London, "The Saviors of Egyptian Tomb Painting: A Look at the Work of Norman and Nina de Garis Davies in the Early 1900s"

March 2013: Dr. Laurel Bestock, Assistant Professor of Egyptology and Archaeology, Department of Egyptology and Ancient Western Asian Studies, Brown University, "Forgotten Fortress: Returning to Lower Nubia"

April 2013: Mr. John M. Adams, independent scholar and former president of ARCE Orange County Chapter, "Theodore Davis, the Great American Excavator"

May 2013: Dr. Francesco Tiradritti, Kore University of Enna, 2013 Getty Scholar, "The Tomb of Harwa: A Masterpiece of the Pharaonic Renaissance"

June 2013: Dr. Carol Redmount, Chair of Near Eastern Studies, Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology, University of California, Berkeley, "Political Instability and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage: Dastardly Deeds at El Hibeh Middle Egypt and Beyond"

August 2013: Dr. Geoffrey T. Martin, Professor, University College, London, "The Re-excavation of the Tomb of Horemheb"

August 2013: Dr. J. Brett McClain, Epigraphic Survey, University of Chicago, "The Temples of Ramesses III in Karnak"

September 2013: Dr. Barry Kemp, Director of the Amarna Project, "The City of Akhenaten and Nefertiti: Amarna and it's People"

October 2013: Dr. Stuart Tyson Smith, UC Santa Barbara, "ARCE-OC Film Festival and Souk"

November 2013: Dr. Sameh Iskander, ARCE President, "The Ramses II Temple at Abydos", Sponsored by Clinton & Carol Owen

December 2013: Dr. Matthew J. Adams, University of Hawai'i, "The Myth of Memphis: The Construction of an Ancient Egyptian Capital", Sponsored by Bob and Shirley Chasin


January 2012: Dr. Adela Oppenheim, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, "Secrets of Pyramids"

February 2012: Dr. Greg Thomas, MD, Drs. Linda and Jim Sutherland and Dr. Ben Harer, MD
Mini Medical Seminar, Part I: "Staying Alive: Wellness, Disease & Medical Care in Ancient Egypt" 

March 2012: Dr. Eugene Cruz-Uribe, Professor Emeritus with the Department of History at Northern Arizona University, "Seth, the Evil God of Power and Might"

Dr. Peter Lacovara, Senior Curator of Ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern Art at the Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University, "Life & Death in the Pyramid Age: The Old Kingdom Mummy at Emory University"

April 2012: Dr. Melinda Hartwig, Associate Professor, Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Art & Archaeology, Georgia State University, "The Art of Interior Design for the Afterlife: The Private Tomb of Menna on the West Bank of Luxor"

April 2012: Dr. Renée Friedman, Director, Hierakonpolis Expedition, Heagy Research Curator, Dept. of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum, London, "There's a Hippopotamus in My Cemetery!"

June 2012: Dr. Elaine Sullivan, UCLA Experimental Technologies Center, "Now in 3D: An Armchair Visit to One of Ancient Egypt's Most Important Cemeteries"

July 2012: Dr. Miguel A. Sanchez, Chief of Pathology at Englewood Hospital, Medical Center, ?Controversies in Egyptian Paleopathology: Who Died of What? A Second Opinion?

August 2012: Dr. Suzanne Onstine, Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, University of Memphis, "Death Along the Nile: Uncovering the Secrets of Egypt's Lost Tombs"

September 2012: Dr. Joseph Wegner, Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Pennsylvania; Associate Curator in the Egyptian Section of the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
"What Do a Mystery Tomb, a King's Pyramid and the Mayor's House Have in Common?"

October 2012: Dr. Thomas Schneider, Professor of Egyptology and Near Eastern Studies, Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies, University of British Columbia, Canada; President, Vancouver Chapter, Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities
"Truth vs. Totalitarianism: German Egyptology During the Nazi Era (1933-1945)"

November 2012: Eric Wells, Ph.D. candidate, UCLA, and Robert Newman, Esq., Vice President of the Pharaoh Hound Club of America, Santa Ana, "King Tut: A Boy and His Dog"

December 2012: Dr. Emily Teeter, Egyptologist, Research Associate, and Coordinator of Special Exhibits, Oriental Institute Museum, University of Chicago, "Religious Cults, Rituals and Beliefs in the Lives of Everyday Ancient Egyptians"


January 2011: Eric Wells, Ph.D. candidate, Dept. of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures, UCLA, "How the Everyday Person Worshipped in the New Kingdom: The Iconography and Material Culture of Personal Piety"

February 2011: Dr. Donald P. Ryan, "Recent Excavations in the Valley of the Kings"

March 2011: Francesco Tiradritti, Director of the Italian Archeological Mission in Luxor
"The Goddess Isis"

April 2011: Harold Hays, Assistant Professor of Egyptology, University of Leiden, Holland
"The Saqqara Necropolis"

May 2011: Anne Austin and Bethany Simpson, UCLA, "Bones; Bricks, and Buildings: The Advantages and Applications of Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning in Egyptian Archaeology"

Emily Cole, UCLA, "Recent Excavations at Karanis: Storing Agricultural Yield and Stacking Archaeological Information"  

June 2011: Dr. Miroslav Barta, Czech Institute of Egyptology, Charles University, Prague
"Swimmers in the Sand"

July 2011: Dr. Peter Brand, University of Memphis, "Karnak Hypostyle Hall"

August 2011: Dr. David Silverman, Professor of Egyptology, University of Pennsylvania, and Curator, Penn Museum, "Tutankhamun: Exhibiting a Legend"

September 2011: Dr. Colleen Manassa, Marilyn M. and William K. Simpson Assistant Professor of Egyptology, Yale University, "Historical Fiction of Ancient Egypt"

October 2011: Dr. Stephen P. Harvey, Director of the Ahmose and Tetisheri Project, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Department of History, Stony Brook University, New York, "Queen Tetisheri Reconsidered: Re-excavation of the Pyramid and Stela of Ahmose's Grandmother"

November 2011: Dr. Nathaniel Dominy, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Dartmouth University, "Baboons, Stable Isotopes and the Location of Punt"

December 2011: Dr. Jacqueline Williamson, Johns Hopkins University, "The Talatat Project: ARCE Preservation Program in Luxor"


January 2010: Dr. Jan Johnson, The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, "Cleopatra as CEO: Bureaucracy and Scandal in the Hostile Takeover of a First-Century Multinational"

February 2010: Dr. Willeke Wendrich, Professor, UCLA, "Ancient Egyptian Glass" and Dr. Michael Jones, ARCE Cairo, "Balancing Conservation, Scholarship, Cultural Tourism and the Interests of People Living There Today"

March 2010: Dr. Lawrence Berman, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, "The Tomb of Djehutynakht of Thebes"

April 2010: Dr. Edward C. Krupp, Director of Griffith Observatory, "Great Pyramid Astronomy"

May 2010: Dr. Wilma Wetterstrom, Paleobotanist, Ancient Egypt Research Associates, "Feeding the Pyramid Workers"

June 2010: Ancient Egypt Film Festival at the Bowers, featuring "Land of the Pharaohs," "Nubia 64," "The Adventure in the Egyptian Tomb" and "Fountains of the Sun"

August 2010: Dr. Alexandra Woods, Associate Lecturer, Dept. of Ancient History, "Fishing, Fowling & Foreigners: The Middle Kingdom Tombs at Beni Hassan"

August 2010: Members-only field trip to the archaeology lab of Dr. Stuart Smith, University of California, Santa Barbara

September 2010:
ALL DAY SEMINAR: "Interpreting Amarna: The Reign of the Heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten" Drs. Donald & Susan Redford

October 2010: Dr. Barry Kemp, University of Cambridge, Director, Amarna Project, "Toward a Better Understanding of Amarna"

November 2010: Dr. Otto Schaden, Director, KV 63 Project, "Update on KV 63: The Newest Tomb in the Valley of the Kings"

December 2010: Dr. Betsy Bryan, Johns Hopkins University, "Making for Mut a Porch of Drunkenness: A Field Report on a Decade of Excavation at the Mut Temple"


January 2009: Dr. Kara Cooney, UCLA, Interpreted Tour of 220+ artifacts in the special exhibition "Excavating Egypt: Great Discoveries from the Petrie Museum of Archaeology, London" at the Fullerton Museum of Art at Cal State University, San Bernardino

February 2009: Dr. Willeke Wendrich, UCLA, "Earliest Ancient Egypt, A Field Report from the Fayum"

March 2009: Dr. Suzanne Onstine, University of Memphis, "Sexism in the Temple? Women and the Religious Hierarchy of Ancient Egypt"

April 2009: Dr. Edwin "Ted" Brock, American Research Center, Cairo, "Hidden Thebes: Update on New Discoveries from Pharaonic, Roman and Medieval Luxor"

May 2009: Dr. Elizabeth Waraksa, UCLA, hieroglyphs class, "The Language and Culture of  Hieroglyphs"

June 2009: Dr. Stuart Smith, UCSB, Anthropology Department, advisor on Stargate (MGM), "When History Collides With Hollywood: Anecdotes from the Egyptologist to the Hollywood Studios"

August 2009: Dr. Diana Craig Patch, Assistant Curator of Egyptian Art, the Metropolitan   Museum of Art, New York City, "A Visit to Malqata, the Palace of  Pharaoh Amenhotep III, West Bank, Thebes"

September 2009: Dr. Ben Harer, "How Napoleon invented Egyptology With the Mother of All Coffee Table Books"

October 2009: Dr. Lise Manniche, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, "King Tut's Medicine Cabinet"

November 2009: Dr. Jacco Dieleman, Associate Professor of Egyptology, University of California, Los Angeles, "Greco-Egyptian Magic" 

December 2009: Drs. Donald and Susan Redford, University of Pennsylvania, "Interpreting Amarna, the Reign of the Heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten"


January 2008: Dr. Willeke Wendrich, Associate Professor, Egyptian Archaeology, Center for Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, and Editor-in-chief, UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology (UEE) and students presenta "The Karnak Temple Complex"

February 2008: Dr. Peter Piccione, Associate Professor of Near Eastern History, Department of History, University of Charleston, S.C. and co-director of the Online GIS System for the Theban Necropolis, "Pharaoh at the Bat: Sports and Games in Ancient Egypt"

March 2008: Dr. J. J. Shirley, Lecturer in Egyptology, Dept. of Classics, Ancient History & Egyptology, The Centre for Egyptology and Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Wales, Swansea, "Politics of Placement: The Development of the Theban Necropolis in the New Kingdom"

April 2008: Dr. Michael Jones, American Research Center in Egypt, Cairo, "Luxor Temple: The Discovery and Conservation of Roman Era Wall Paintings"

May 2008: Dr. Kara Cooney, Research Associate, Getty Institute, and frequent commentator on National Geographic and Discovery Channel specials about Ancient Egypt, " Defending the Dead: Adaptations in Burial Practice at the End of the New Kingdom"

June 2008: Dr. Robert Ritner, Professor of Egyptology, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, "Ancient Egyptian Medical and Magical Practice" (all-day seminar)

July 2008: Dr. J. Brett McClain, University of Chicago, "Report on Conservation and Documentation Projects of the Oriental Institute's Epigraphic Survey in Luxor"    

August 2008: Drs. Hourig Sourouzian and Rainer Stadelman, from Luxor, Egypt. Co-directors, Colossi of Memnon and Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III Project, "Extraordinary Discoveries at the Colossi of Memnon Temple Site"

September 2008: Dr. Carol Redmount, UC Berkeley, "Excavations at El Hibeh"

October 2008: Dr. Renee Friedman, Director, Hierakonpolis Expedition, Heagy Research  Curator, Dept. of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum, London, "Discoveries at Hierakonpolis, the Most Ancient of Sites"

November 2008: Dr. Craig Smith, author and chairman of DMJM H&N, "Building the Pyramids at Giza"

December 2008: Dr. Donald Ryan, Pacific Lutheran University, "Field Report on the 2008 Valley of the Kings Expedition"


January 2007: Dr. Nigel Strudwick, British Museum, "Texts From the Pyramid Age: Written Records of the Old Kingdom"

February 2007: Dr. Peter Piccione, University of South Carolina, "Eye Over Thebes: Satellite Mapping of Egyptian Tombs"

March 2007: Professor David Moyer, KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt, "Seneferu: King of the Pyramids"

April 2007: No Lecture

May 2007: Dr. Otto Schaden, Director, University of Memphis Valley of the Kings Project, "KV 63 in the Valley of the Kings"

June 2007: Mansour Boraik, Director of Upper Egypt, Supreme Council of Antiquities, "Current Projects at the Temples of Karnak and Luxor, the West Bank and Civic Improvements in Luxor"

July 2007: J. Brett McClain, Member, ARCE/OC Board of Directors, Assistant Director, Chicago House, Luxor, "The Curious History of Cryptographic Hieroglyphs"

August 2007: Charles Van Siclen, American Research Center in Cairo, "Excavations in the Court of the Ninth Pylon at Karnak"

September 2007: Dr. Elizabeth Waraksa, UCLA, "Female Figurines as Ritual Objects: New Finds from the Mut Precinct, Karnak"

October 2007: Stephen Harvey, Pennsylvania-Yale-IFA-NYU Expedition to Abydos, "Before the Valley of the Kings: Royal Monuments at the Birth of the New Kingdom"

November 2007: Dr. Elizabeth Wayland Barber, Professor of Linguistics and Archaeology, Retired, Occidental College, "Before Written History:  What Myths Reveal About Ancient Egyptian Prehistory"

December 2007: No Lecture



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