Lecture Series

We sponsor free lectures and events every month. All year long, ARCE-OC brings top-name Egyptologists "the same people you see on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic TV" to Orange County. Our chapter welcomes anyone who loves Ancient Egypt, or is interested in learning more about it, to join us. We average 100 to 300 people in attendance, new people come all the time, and you are welcome to check us out.

Meet Speakers
After lectures or seminars, the speakers are usually available to personally sign books and answer questions. This is a great chance to meet and chat with world-class Egyptologists.

Special Events
ARCE-OC frequently organizes all-day seminars, hieroglyph classes, interpreted museum tours and other special events, all at reasonable prices. Our themed seminars present prominent archaeologists and scholars speaking in-depth about topics of popular interest. Seminar programs typically include an Egyptian suq (marketplace), offering Ancient Egyptian-style jewelry, books, posters and more.


Book Signings
Most of our speakers are authors of one or more books, and ARCE-OC is pleased to provide their publications for sale to event attendees.







Connect With National ARCE
Attend the three-day ARCE Annual Conference each spring to hear news straight from the field, purchase new books from a wide range of publishers, chat with Egyptologists and other Egyptophiles between sessions.

Support the Next Generation of Egyptologists









Email Updates & Breaking News
ARCE-OC publishes a popular newsletter offering breaking news in Egypt, lecture announcements, invitations to special events and notice of TV shows about Ancient Egypt. The newsletter is free and open to anyone who signs up here. We also offer an active Facebook page with news of discoveries and the political situation in Egypt, interesting articles and more.

ARCE-OC is known for its exciting and highly creative fundraising events. For example, in 2011, we produced the fabulous "Tea With Amelia Peabody." Amelia Peabody is the "star" of a dozen best-selling novels spoofing early Egyptology and Victorian propriety. Guests were invited to a setting reminiscent of the formal reception rooms of Cairo's Mena House Hotel and encouraged them to dress in period costume. The event received rave reviews and provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to time-travel back to Cairo, Egypt, and personally experience the heyday of archaeological exploration. To stay connected and learn about upcoming events, visit our website often.

Tours to Egypt
Occasionally, National ARCE organizes professional guided tours to Egypt. With contacts in Egypt and many experienced travelers among its membership, ARCE-OC can provide a wealth of information about travel in Egypt and offer advice about selecting a commercial tour company.




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